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Branded Label Preview

This tool is to preview how your logo will appear and will hold no relation to your order. To complete your order using your custom logo, you must upload your desired logo in the online cart.

Choose the aftercare product that you would like to preview with your branding. Click on the upload image icon, and upload the desired branding that you wish to use. For the best results, we recommend that you use a SVG file type (png, jpg, and gif files are also accepted).

This preview tool is for you to play around with how your logo displays on our aftercare products so that you can gain a better idea as to what the final result may look like. Our tool will allow you to scale, rotate, and move your uploaded image around the product field if necessary.

If you are finding that you are not quite happy with the file quality, worry not. Quality control measures are in place to make sure it looks amazing before printing.

Clear labels are not recommended if your logo is light print (ie gold, white, light pink, etc.)

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