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Who We Are



Welcome to Crushed Aftercare. We're Charissa and Andrew Floriancic, founders and operators of Crushed Aftercare.


We are revolutionizing branded aftercare!


Imagine purchasing your own luxury branded aftercare and having it in your hands within days!  At Crushed Aftercare were simplifying creating your own PMU & Tattoo Aftercare.


It's simple!  Pick your product, variations, amount and upload your logo file! We do the rest!


Crushed Aftercare is a Canadian based company that provides branded aftercare for businesses all over the world.


We are a luxury branded aftercare company! We are a natural, vegan and cruelty free skincare line specializing in branded permanent makeup (PMU) and tattoo aftercare.  


We manufacture a proprietary blend of soothing post-procedure aftercare for brows, lashes, lips and tattoos.


Our products are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those emerging from a cosmetic procedure and looking to take advantage of the healing benefits found in natural ingredients.


We then take our all natural, vegan and cruelty free aftercare blend and professionally brand with your specific logo or branding.  We offer several different options that are created to suit your personal and professional style.


Whether you are a small independent spa or a large clinic, Crushed Aftercare offers something for everyone.  Your branding is always included in the price of the product you purchase.  


At Crushed aftercare we make it simple to order your very own branded aftercare without sacrificing quality.   Our team will ensure everything is on point for the branding.  If requested we can offer you a mockup of the label to ensure you approve.  Our goal is to have you be a returning lifelong customer.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your branded aftercare.


We also understand that waiting for your branded aftercare to arrive is this hardest part!  We can usually manufacture, brand and ship your order from our facility within 2-3 business days (black label items 7-10 days).

looking to create your own line?

Looking to create your own proprietary blend of aftercare and packaging?  We do that too! We also work with large pmu and tattoo companies to create them their own propriety blend of aftercare and packaging.  Your options are limitless and affordable with Crushed Aftercare.

We work with you through every step to create you your own proprietary blend of natural and cruelty free aftercare.  A blend that is specific and tailored to your needs. Everything from texture to ingredients and the packaging.  Contact us to learn more.


Who We Are

Natural, Cruelty Free Salve and Healing Balms


Crushed Aftercare is a natural, cruelty free salve skincare line featuring various types of aftercare salves and balms to help soothe and heal after a cosmetic, tattoo or permanent makeup procedure.

Our aftercare salve and brow balms are perfect for use after microblading and permanent makeup procedures, while our naturally-formulated healing lip balms are wonderful to use after dermal lip filler treatments. Our brow balms and lip balms aid in the healing process through the use of specially formulated earth-derived ingredients like oils, butters, and dried flowers. We also create gentle cleansers for eyelash extensions, brows and skin tattoos.


All of our wonderful post-procedure skincare salve and cleansers are sold at a wholesale cost for you! Please contact us for large quantity pricing.


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Learn more about our all natural, vegan, aftercare products


 Want a recommendation about which products may be best for your brand? We are always happy to chat! Send us a message today with any questions you may have. We do our best to respond to all messages within 24 hours.


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