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tattoo aftercare products

The days following a new tattoo session are exciting, but also very important for ensuring that the art heals  properly and maintains its color and vibrancy. Typically, tattoos take four to six weeks to completely heal and, while life often gets in the way, it's essential to take aftercare steps, like  applying a natural, soothing balm such as Crushed Aftercare's fully customizable tattoo aftercare balm. Our balm helps to minimize scabbing, keep the area moist, and protect the vibrancy of your new tattoo!


Our 2 oz tattoo aftercare balm jars are ideal for up-selling after sessions at your clinic. Our aftercare balms are produced with natural, vegan ingredients aimed at healing the skin and keeping the area moist. Design your custom label right on our website to create your tattoo shop's own branded balm!


Treating a tattoo with natural vegan aftercare products can help prevent common post-care concerns and assist with proper healing.  When advising clients on the proper post-tattoo care, be sure to recommend a good quality healing balm. Feel free to reach out to us with questions at any time.

Please contact me for large quantity pricing.

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