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We're revolutionizing tattoo aftercare!  Take your artistry and business to the next level by carrying your own branded tattoo aftercare.  


Our pure, all natural and cruelty free balms and aftercare are packed full of skin loving minerals and vitamins. Vitamins like a, c, e, f and b6.  These vitamins protect against UV rays, moisturizes your skin, acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal, aids in healing and scarring as well as reducing pain and redness.  It's everything you want and more for your aftercare!  


The best part is we offer free branding on all of our aftercare products.  Our brand is your brand!


Our products are great to use in your spa, clinic, or parlour and can be given to clients as part of their aftercare kits, promotional ventures and ideal for resale opportunity, especially with your personal branding on them!


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