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Were revolutionizing cosmetic aftercare Take your business to the next level by carrying your own branded aftercare.  


Our all natural arnica lip balms and aftercare lip masks are packed full of skin loving minerals and vitamins. Vitamins like a, c, e, f and b6.  These vitamins protect against UV rays, moisturizes your skin, acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal, aids in healing and scarring as well as reducing pain and redness.  It's everything you want and more for your aftercare!  


The best part is we offer free branding on all of our aftercare products.  Our brand is your brand!


Our products are great to use in your spa, clinic, or parlour and can be given to clients as part of their aftercare kits, promotional ventures and ideal for resale opportunity, especially with your personal branding on them!


It is common to experience some degree of discomfort after undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as a lip injection.

Our lip balms and aftercare masks serve as quick and natural healing solutions with branding options for an added touch of customization. Whether you're using at home or purchasing for your clients our aftercare line promotes rapid, organic healing and relief.


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Getting a lip injection procedure can be an uncomfortable experience, especially in the first 24 hours, but also for few days following the appointment. Crushed Aftercare’s specialized vegan aftercare product line is designed to help ease the soreness and discomfort, providing natural relief and expediting the healing process.

Our products are cruelty-free and contain no animal products or by-products. This makes them a great option for anyone, including vegans, looking for some quick, natural relief. We offer various salves and balms that, when used together or on their own, offer up some wonderful benefits to your skin’s health.

There are many negative side effects caused by artificial colours, harsh chemicals, and scents that can be avoided when using naturally-sourced products and ingredients, which is important to look for when choosing aftercare products especially when your skin is particularly sensitive. Crushed Aftercare provides a natural, vegan option for those looking for some relief from the uncomfortable aftereffects of lip filler injections.

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