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Who We Are

Hello!  Welcome to Crushed Aftercare.


We're Charissa and Andrew Floriancic, founders and operators of Crushed Aftercare Incorporated.


Crushed Aftercare is a Canadian based company that provides branded aftercare for businesses all over the globe.


Crushed Aftercare specializes in providing high-quality, branded aftercare products tailored for the permanent makeup and tattoo industry. We cater to a diverse range of clients, from small businesses with minimal order requirements to large-scale enterprises in need of comprehensive product lines


Custom Branding:

We offer white label services, allowing businesses to brand our premium aftercare products as their own, enhancing their professional image and customer loyalty.


All-Natural and Vegan:

Our products are formulated using only the finest natural and vegan ingredients, ensuring they are gentle, effective, and suitable for all skin types.


Scalable Solutions:

Whether you need small batches for boutique operations or large production runs for extensive distribution, our flexible manufacturing capabilities can accommodate your needs.


Comprehensive Product Range:

From soothing balms and cleansers to protective serums and moisturizers, our full line of aftercare products supports all aspects of the healing process, promoting optimal results for permanent makeup procedures.


Quality Assurance:

We adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that every product meets rigorous testing and certification requirements.



Our commitment to sustainability means we use ethical sourcing practices, aligning with our vegan and natural ethos.


Client Support:

Our dedicated team provides personalized service, from product development and branding to logistics and after-sales support, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.


At Crushed Aftercare, we empower businesses to offer exceptional aftercare products that reflect their brand’s commitment to quality and customer care. Whether you're starting with small orders or scaling up to large production, we provide the solutions you need to succeed in the competitive permanent makeup market.


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