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If your tattoo is properly taken care of, one important fact should never be forgotten; a fresh tattoo is essentially an elegant and majestic wound. As a result, you have to maintain the same mindset of injury treatment. This might at first sound a bit too intense, but the great news is that tattoo aftercare solutions like our vegan natural balm (an alternative to storebought lotions) are affordable and all-natural.

Private Label Tattoo Balm Options

Your body art needs to remain in good condition to prevent any sort of skin problems after the artist has finished his work. The use of specially made balms instead of manufactured lotions for tattoo aftercare is crucial. That’s why Crushed Aftercare set out to provide an all-natural vegan balm specially made for tattoos. Not only that, we have a simple white-label solution for tattoo shops to add custom logos and stickers and sell them as inventory.

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Premium Vegan Tattoo Balm

The Crushed Aftercare Tattoo Balm is a highly regarded and very affordable tattoo healing balm that offers a vegan natural experience across the region whilst at the same time promoting rapid healing and oxygenation of the tattooed area. It offers a cooling sensation that helps relieve itching and flaking over the tattoo’s healing cycles. It can also assist tattoo customer satisfaction, which is why most tattooists recommend their customers use this balm in-store and regularly after as it assists in the sanitary treatment of the wound.

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Make Your Own Labels For Your Tattoo Shop

It includes non-allergenic ingredients using responsible vegan processes. The balm is also gently scented and non-intrusive to wear at work or on the go. We use only quality sourced herbs including calendula and arnica flowers as well as natural vegan oils such as coconut, tea tree and olive to ensure natural benefits. This mixture of natural ingredients provides it with soothing and hydrating characteristics.

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