Natural Healing Is Better For Your Clients!

Beauty is serious business, and it has never been a better time to make the move away from makeup. Microblading, lip fillers, laser hair removal – these all take so much time out of regular beauty routines and let people live their lives to the fullest. This popularity is why it’s so important that the healing after these procedures be safe, effective, and comfortable. A comfortable client is a repeat client!

Crushed Aftercare makes aftercare healing balms for the more intense beauty procedures, and these balms are all 100% natural and vegan. They will help soothe and heal skin after a beauty procedure like microblading, and healing is better when it’s all-natural!

Natural Healing Is Important To Beauty

Semi-permanent and permanent makeup (PMU) treatments are getting much safer, less intrusive, and more widely available, but many still need to penetrate the epidermis to work. Microblading, for example, is a semi-permanent method of tattooing the skin of the eyebrow. The pigments used are pricked just beneath the surface of the skin, adding more colour and giving brows a fuller look. However, the skin always needs to heal after the treatment, and what the client uses to help this process can determine how effective the procedure becomes.

Many of these procedures have become faster and less painful in recent years, and clients can leave your salon with fuller brows, lashes, and lips in no time at all. But the healing process after these treatments can take some time – roughly a week or two. While the client can live their regular life while the skin heals, the scabbing and sensitive skin can be uncomfortable.

Crushed Aftercare can help with these after effects. A good, natural balm can speed up the healing, soothe the skin, and reduce the pain. It should be applied regularly (two to three times a day until the treatment has healed).

Natural Is Better!

Healing products made with natural ingredients are better for the body. When your skin is raw and open, it is extremely sensitive to what you put on it. Harsh chemical or petroleum-based balms can weaken the skin and bring toxins into the body. If the skin doesn’t heal effectively and comfortably, the client can be left feeling like the procedure wasn’t worth it.

Crushed Aftercare specifically formulated our line of balms with natural ingredients like arnica and calendula oils that help soothe, moisturize, and reduce post-treatment pain. They even have more than one use: our balms can also be used on chapped or dry lips, dry skin, and for healing and soothing minor scrapes, burns, and other skin irritations.

Salons that make the client comfortable after treatments like microblading can expect repeat customers, and we’re ready to help you get them coming back. We only offer wholesale ordering and pricing (right now), but we offer our products with custom-branded labels personalized just for your business. Your aftercare products will stand out from the rest while building up your brand recognition and loyalty. Try them today!

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