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We are revolutionizing cosmetic branded aftercare!


We have made it super easy and affordable  to create your own luxury private label cosmetic aftercare.


All of our aftercare formulations and containers are available to be branded by you!


You have three easy steps to follow:

Worry free

And don't worry!  We want your branded products to look absolutely gorgeous.  If we think we need a better quality logo image we will contact you.  If we happen to think that your logo would look better on a specific label colour we will contact you with this suggestion.  We want you to be excited and amazed on how good your branding looks on our products because we want you to be a return customer.  There is a reason why we have such a high success rate with customers returning!

Frequently asked questions


Q: How do I get my private labels?

A: You browse our selection of aftercare products we offer.  All of our aftercare items can be private labeled with your branding (except the arnica pods).  You then select the item(s), the variation and quantity you want, add the item(s) to your cart. Once proceeding to checkout it will request you to upload your image/branding file. You upload your logo/ branding file to your order and we do the rest.  You can request a "mockup" view of your logo/branding on a label template.  Our team will always ensure that your logo looks amazing on your new aftercare products.


Q: How will I know if my image will look good on the product container?

A:  You can request a "mock up" of your logo/ branding on a label template.  This is not a 3D view of the product with your brand but an image of our label layout with your logo on it.  This will give you an idea of how it will look.  We understand that our brand is your brand.  We will make sure your label looks amazing!  We will never complete an order unless it looks fabulous.  If we have any issues with the logo/ branding file that you uploaded we will contact you for additional options.  You can also look at our image gallery to see examples of products that have been branded by other customers.


Q: Is branding free?

A: Branding is FREE.  It's included in your purchase.  There are no additional fees.


Q: How long will it take to receive my branded aftercare?

A: Each and every purchase is made to order.  What we mean by this is we make every order as it comes in so it will be fresh.  An order can usually be completed and shipped within a couple of days.  There are exceptions.  If your label colour is black or has a lot of colour this needs time to cure/dry.  We like to have these labels dry a minimum of 7 days.  If your order is very large with multiple items this could take us a couple extra days to complete.  We like to have orders completed in a timely manner so you can enjoy your branded aftercare. 


Q: Is there additional savings if I place a large order?

Crushed Aftercare is a wholesale aftercare company.  Our minimum order quantity represents wholesale pricing.  We do offer additional savings on larger orders.  For example orders of 1,000 + Arnica Lip Balms would qualify for additional savings.  Contact us to discuss large order discounts.


Q: Can I customize a formula?

A: Yes.  Not only do we offer our formulated aftercare to brand on our website but we also work with companies, influencers, clinics and spas to formulate their own aftercare.  This can be creams, balms, serums etc.  These are large projects and require a large minimum order quantity.  We can work with you to create your own formulation, your own containers and branding.  We also offer just the formulation and filling as an option. Contact us if you are looking to create your own formulation to discuss further.


Q: Do you Ship outside of North America?

A: Yes.  We ship worldwide!  If you are purchasing outside of North America contact us to place your order directly.  This is for shipping purposes.


Q: What is the minimum order?

A: Our minimum orders are identified on each product page.  These vary depending on the product you choose. 


Q:  What if I have multiple logo files for different products I purchased?

A: You can send the additional logo files to us directly at [email protected]

White Label Skincare Products

Crushed Aftercare strives to provide the best possible natural vegan aftercare products for everyone. In an effort to achieve this goal, we have made it available to you to form your very own aftercare line from crushed aftercare with custom branding! We offer customization options for a variety of our products, allowing you to create a wide range of uniquely labelled aftercare that will help you to build recognition and brand awareness!


Gain Brand Loyalty with your own skincare products!

Custom labelled aftercare products are a great option for many business owners, and with Crushed Aftercare you can build trust between you and your consumer. Our process makes designing your products as easy as possible. Available with any design you desire, you may create your own aftercare lineup using any of the Crushed Aftercare products you want to offer. Private label skincare has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there is no better time than the present to get into the aftercare business, as more and more consumers are turning to small aftercare businesses for their products, rather than trusting the big name brands. Many are also shifting towards natural healing and aftercare products as the potential dangers of artificial ingredients become more apparent. This opens up a whole world of opportunity, and provides a great potential to increase your bottom line with your very own aftercare lineup.

Choose the white label balm solution

Crushed Aftercare has is a leading supplier of vegan skincare and organic lip balm products to North American and global natural beauty products industry for many years. Our line has plenty of variety to suit your needs and our white label options can help you take your tattoo, beauty parlour or medispa to the next level with customised products. Let us know how we can introduce affordable all natural vegan white label products to your business model!

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