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White Label Skincare Products

Make the finest vegan aftercare white label wholesale products and custom labels here! We've got you covered for all your labelling requirements. With the assistance of the Crushed Vegan Aftercare label developer, you can use our simple three-step method to create custom labels the exact size and style you need them. Make your labels by uploading your own artwork and adding text and background colours to fit all your needs.

Step One

Select your logo file to reveal a custom branding preview. This is the easiest way to get your white label balm customized and ready for sale! For best results with the preview tool, choose a png, jpg, or gif image.  Note, we recommend also uploading a high-quality logo asset during the checkout process. For best results, upload a vector file or high-resolution transparent png. 

Your White Label Branding Preview

Note:  The result shown in the preview below is a "best guess" approximation and subject to change.  Our professional printer will adjust your labels for optimal sizing and spacing.


Step Two

Choose the Crushed Aftercare products that you would like to purchase. We create an all natural vegan skin care line that includes aftercare balms that are perfect to soothe and heal skin post microblading. Our balms are also perfect for other PMU purposes as well as post dermal lip filler care.

Choose the white label balm solution

Crushed Aftercare has is a leading supplier of vegan skincare and organic lip balm products to North American and global natural beauty products industry for many years. Our line has plenty of variety to suit your needs and our white label options can help you take your tattoo, beauty parlour or medispa to the next level with customised products. Let us know how we can introduce affordable all natural vegan white label products to your business model!

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