Are you ready to uplevel your business and radically shift your revenue streams by teaming up with Crushed Aftercare?

The Christmas rush is upon us, which means there will be many appointments ahead as clients get ready to attend Holiday parties and events. Help them stay fresh at every festive soirée, by offering all-natural aftercare products with your branding!

Our Why

At Crushed Aftercare, we are passionate about two things; Crafting luxurious vegan aftercare products sustainably, and collaborating with beauty entrepreneurs to help expand their business.

Why team up with us? 

Our vegan aftercare salve and healing balm products are made with the highest quality of ingredients. Ethically sourced, all-natural product in a sleek, modern container with your brand, is the epitome of luxury that your clients will love.


Any entrepreneur will tell you that branding IS EVERYTHING when it comes to creating a successful business. Your brand is not only how your clients will perceive your salon, but it is also an extension of you.

Since you are a powerful, high-vibe goddess just waiting to expand, it only makes sense to bring your business into that higher frequency as well. Adding an extra passive revenue stream via a marketable vegan aftercare product will not only boost your bottom line, but will also create lasting connections with those who use your branded products after they leave the salon chair.

Labels and Packaging

At Crushed Aftercare our eco-friendly containers are the perfect canvas for your logo, and filled with a custom aftercare balm or salve. Keep your branding on point through custom flavours, scents, and even container sizes and colour.

See the potential for yourself – Use our label previewer tool.

Whether you’re a cosmetic nurse, lash technician, brow specialist, or tattoo artist, we have the perfect all-natural solution to your client’s aftercare needs. Order your Crushed products now to prepare for the Holiday Rush!

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