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Here at Crushed Aftercare, we’re all about natural ingredients. Flowers in particular can have tons of helpful, healing properties that we can utilize to treat skin irritations, cuts and bruises. We’re proud to be an all-natural, plant-based aftercare company, so we wanted to share some insight into the history of three flowers that we use in our products everyday, and why we use them.


These beautiful yellow flowers come from the daisy family and have been used as a medicinal herb since the 17th century. Back then, it was used to treat common ailments like headaches, red eye, fever, and toothaches.

As time went on, calendula was used for magical reasons too. Like revealing fairies, or to help an unmarried woman with multiple suitors reveal her true match. Later on, it became popular for culinary purposes, and many chefs would add calendula to their dishes for added flavour.

Today, the oil from this flower is used medicinally to treat skin irritation and abrasions. Which is what we look for in an aftercare product and is the reason we add it to each of our own. Calendula helps to soothe, calm redness, and acts as an anti-inflammatory; and is the reason why most of our products can be used for cuts, burns, and dry skin as well.


Not unlike the calendula flower, arnica is yellow as well, however this plant is derived from the sunflower family.

The story of Arnica and its role throughout history is a simple one. Its uses have not changed much since the time it was first used for medicinal purposes. The flowers and roots of arnica have been most commonly used to treat bruising, inflammation, and skin lesions. It was sometimes even used to help heal blunt injuries back in the day.

We add it to our products because of its ability to reduce swelling, a helpful tool when using it to treat cosmetic procedures or to clean a new tattoo.


Most people have used aloe at least once in their lives, and many of us know the relief it can provide after spending a day out in the sun. Aloe’s history of soothing such skin irritations, in fact, goes way back.

In Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs considered aloe to be a ‘plant of immortality’ because of how well it could soothe inflammation and relieve pain. As interesting as that concept may be, there is also a more scientific reason for Aloe’s amazing ability to soothe and heal. Amino acids: The cool gel inside of an aloe petal is packed full with them! These amino acids actively soften and moisturize skin cells.

We put it in our products for that very reason, by softening the cells, we can assure that our products are soothing and provide ample moisturization to avoid any dryness.

The Benefits of Natural Products

Sure, you could always buy an off-the-shelf moisturizer, cleanser, or aftercare ointment at the drug store after getting a cosmetic procedure. The problem with these products, however, is that they include something that we make sure to never, ever include in ours. Chemicals.

Harmful chemicals in drug-store products can sometimes do more harm than good and can even cause unwanted dryness, redness, or not actually help in the way they’re meant to.

By choosing natural, vegan aftercare products, your skin will be taken care of by products that specifically work to target areas like moisture, redness, and pain reduction.

The earth has already provided us with natural healing plants like calendula, arnica, and aloe; we might as well use those gifts and heal naturally. 

Start selling your very own all-natural vegan aftercare products today; with Crushed Aftercare!

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