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Cool Trends In Tattoos

2019 has been an exciting year for tattoo trends. New designs, new colours, new placements: here’s what’s been big so far this year, many of which we can expect to carry over into 2020!


Hand Tattoos

hand tattoo - crushed vegan aftercareSo far, 2019 has been all about finding new canvases on the body. One trend, popularized by Ariane Grande and other celebrities, is the hand tattoo. Many tattoo artists are being asked to create delicate collages full of small designs. Warning to imitators: hand tattoos aren’t for the squeamish, as these are more painful than the finger tattoos that have been oh-so-popular in the last couple of years.

Original Illustrated Artwork

No longer just for tattoo artists, many other creative types are making their bodies part of their portfolio! Tattoos of original doodles and scribbles are becoming very popular among illustrators who want to show off their creative side. The style helps these artists make their work a permanent part of themselves. The more these tattoos show off the artist’s unique qualities and inspirations (and even the imperfections), the better!

Ear Tattoos

Tattoos have been used to simulate rings – why not earrings? Having a small design placed behind the ear has always been a popular option, but more people are asking for a small design tattooed in the ear. This presents a challenge for some artists, as the ear is mostly made of cartilage and it doesn’t give a large canvas on which to work. However, with some time and the right design, clients can walk out with a beautiful, unique tattoo. 

Realistic Floralsfloral tattoo - crushed vegan aftercare

Korean tattoo artists have been influencing a lot of artwork trends on Instagram, and as such, these trends have made their way to North America. The best example is the surge in popularity for delicate, real-looking floral drawings. Flowers and plants have always been popular designs, but more and more people want them to look as realistic as possible. They could go for an individual flower or a boldly coloured bouquet, but colour and texture are all necessary. 

The Side Hip Tattoo

One of the hottest tattoo trends from the summer of 2019 was (and can still be, going into 2020) the side hip tattoo. Side hip tattoos are a trendy, ‘gram-worthy accessory for bikini season. Some of the popular designs include floral patterns, hearts, and meaningful handwriting, and tattoo artists should expect even more side hip tattoos in the next year.

Red Ink Art

red ink tattoo - crushed vegan aftercare

New ink colours are no longer for experimentation, and a lot of people are asking for anything but black. One of the most in-demand colours is red, and crimson lettering and images are all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest. According to Cosmo, searches for this ink colour on Pinterest were up more than 2000% this year!

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