What Is Brow Lamination?

You may have seen your Instagram’s “Explore” feed quickly fill up with photos of full brows that have a high-shine finish. If this is the case, you’re experiencing the first wave of the newest semi-permanent makeup (SPM) trend: brow lamination. Many clients love this treatment as a solution for overplucking and natural gaps, thinning, and uncontrollable growth in their eyebrows. 

Unlike microblading, which is the tattoo-like application of pigment beneath the top layer of skin, brow lamination works more like a lash lift or a perm. But it is still similar to microblading in that it hides the small bald spots in eyebrow hairs and creates the illusion of full hair growth. It also needs natural nourishment to stay healthy!


How Does Brow Lamination Work?

brow lamination - crushed vegan aftercare

Brow lamination isn’t as intrusive as other SPM treatments, and the entire application is to the hairs rather than the skin. The process starts with your beautician coating a lifting cream on the brow to break down the bonds in each hair. This allows the hairs to be moved into a new shape, and the eyebrows are brushed up into place to create a fuller look or fill in gaps. A special setting lotion is then applied to keep the hairs in shape for longer.

After this, a nourishing oil is applied to the brows to replenish their moisture after the chemical treatment process. The results take care of spaces between thinning brow hair, smoothen out unruly hair growth, and take the overall shape in a more vertical direction. With proper treatment and protective products like brow wax, the brow lamination should last up to two months!


What You Should Know About Brow Lamination

woman with flower an brow lamination - crushed vegan aftercareBrow lamination might not be as intensive as other SPM treatments, but it still needs to be treated with caution. The chemical treatment used to break down the brow hairs can cause irritation and damage to the eyes, meaning they have to be treated with as much caution as possible. Even the eyelids, the thinnest skin on your body, are sensitive to dryness and eczema caused by the chemicals. If you’re looking into brow lamination, it should only be handled by trained professionals. 

Brow lamination can also hurt the health of the hairs if used too often. The chemicals break bonds in the hair to change their structure and texture. Taking care of them with conditioning and nourishing oils and moisturizing creams is essential to prevent breakage, dryness, and even hair loss. This should be done with products that aren’t chemically-derived themselves, and the best nourishment comes from plant-based ingredients.

Although you need to keep the hairs nourished, the overall result of the lamination treatment is fuller brows that don’t need a lot of work or extra makeup. This cutting-edge SPM is just making its way to Canada, so if the process of microblading leaves some clients feeling a little squeamish, it might be a great service to add to your salon!

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