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Why Do I Need Healing Balm for My Tattoo?

Proper aftercare can last up to a month after the tattoo. A healing balm, regularly applied, makes managing this process a lot easier!

A tattoo is intensive on the skin. The artist uses a needle to embed the ink, and any time you open the skin, it becomes vulnerable to infections and scarring. Protection and healing start as soon as the appointment is over, but you can’t stop caring for your tattoo after the dressing comes off.  


What Does A Healing Balm Do?

woman with tattoo - crushed vegan aftercareWhen the bandage first comes off the tattoo, some dried blood and ink will come off with it. Even though the area is no longer bleeding, the tattoo is not finished the healing process. Scabbing and flaking are normal for weeks after the dressing comes off. As this happens, the wound needs to get a little help from a balm that is free of both fragrances and alcohol. But what you apply to the area can do more than just prevent drying and scabbing – it can help the skin heal. 

Giving the skin some extra help is important. As the tattooed area begins to heal, it can become very itchy and flaky. You should never pick at the area because that can open it up to infection and ruining the final look of the tattoo. Rather, gently rub it with a healing balm to relieve the inflammation. If the balm includes ingredients like calendula oil and candelilla wax, it can naturally reduce scabbing and protect the skin while keeping the tattoo moist and vibrant.

In the weeks that follow your appointment, follow the advice of your artist. The healing balm should go on the area at least twice a day; wash it with warm water and a fragrance-free soap with clean hands. You should continue applying the balm after every wash and only after it has completely dried.


What Tattoo Aftercare Is Important

woman with tattoos - crushed vegan aftercareProper care for your tattoo ensures that it heals well, the ink stays vibrant and that no infections set in. But like anything that goes on the skin, the body will absorb the ingredients of the healing agent. Any balm proscribed for healing a tattooed area should include ingredients the client feels comfortable putting on their skin. Luckily, many plant-based ingredients are just as effective as anything synthetic. They’re even better for your long-term healing because they won’t aggravate inflammation in the tattooed area!

tattoo artist healing balm - crushed vegan aftercareThe tattoo artist and the client play equal roles in the healing process. The artist can supply a healing balm made from natural, plant-based ingredients that will both protect and heal. It’s up to the client to make sure they apply it regularly and for as long as advised. If you’re a parlour, you can send your clients home with Crushed Aftercare’s all-natural, vegan Tattoo Aftercare Balm. We’ll even customize the label for your business so that whenever a client applies the product, they’ll think of you!

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