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Why Clean Lashes Are Critical For Lash Extension Retention

Many people complain about extensions falling out, but more often than not, it’s not the fault of the beautician applying the extensions. Clients have to understand that once they leave the salon, they need to use proper lash cleansing aftercare care techniques to keep their new lashes looking great. The secret to keeping lash extensions from shedding well before their time? A healthy, regular lash cleansing routine with the right cleanser!

Using A Proper Cleanser

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Oils, salts, and bacteria will naturally build upon the lash line, and there’s no real way to prevent this – humans sweat, rub, and cry. What your clients can do is use a proper cleanser with healthy techniques to remove this build-up without removing the extensions. Removing these natural oils and salts will extend the life of extensions an additional couple of weeks, giving clients a much better experience with their new lashes.

The best cleansers are free of glycol and are specifically formulated to hydrate natural lashes and kill harmful bacteria without them.  They will also not contain harsh chemicals and toxins like sodium lauryl sulfate, as these can have drying effects on both the lashes and the skin around them.

The best bet for clients is a cleanser that has only natural, healthy ingredients. The Crushed Aftercare Foaming Lash Cleanser contains plant-based, paraben-free ingredients like rose water, chamomile, carrot, and white tea extract. These cleanse lash extensions safely while nourishing the real hairs, maintaining a healthy base for the future.


Using A Proper Brush

The cleanser should be gently applied with the proper tool, and that tool is a disposable lash wand. This little bit of beauty equipment allows customers to get enough cleansing solution through every part of their lash extensions without vigorously rubbing it through. 

Disposable wands also prevent germs that could cause infection accidentally being reapplied to the lashes. Irritations and infections can cause clients to (consciously or not) rub their lash line, which is probably the worst thing one can do for the extensions!


The Art Of Lash Cleansing 

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Lash extension cleansing has to be done with a gentle hand. Start by applying one pump into the mixing lid, add warm water, and mix with a disposable lash wand. Apply the solution to lashes, slowly brushing it through the extensions. Rinse the lash wand with water and repeat the brushing, this time taking the cleanser out. To dry, gently pat the lashes dry with a lint-free cloth. 

Clients have to make sure to clean the lashes at least three times a week, or anytime they apply makeup. If they’re wearing makeup around the eyes that is oil-based and/or waterproof, they’ll probably need to use an oil-based remover, so they have to be very careful and avoid touching the eyelash extensions with that product.

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