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Aftercare Kit Essentials For Every Cosmetic Procedure

A good, healthy aftercare kit for permanent makeup (PMU) procedures is an important part of the beauty business. PMU professionals and tattoo artists know that clients have to follow proper aftercare protocols for safe healing and the best results. 

You take the time to give your clients the proper care instructions and materials after each visit; now include these essential products in your advice! They’ll help tattoos, fillers, microblading, and every other kind of PMU heal comfortably!



ice for aftercare kit - crushed vegan aftercareSometimes simple tools are the most effective. Applying an ice pack limits bleeding into the skin to reduce bruising and swelling. Ice works because cold temperatures constrict blood vessels, reducing inflammation after a PMU treatment or tattoo has damaged these vessels. 

It’s even appropriate for tattoos! If they’re having trouble with discomfort, clients can wrap the ice pack in a clean material like muslin cloth – something without any fluff. Have them leave the compress on the swollen area for about 30 minutes at a time.


A Good Cleanser

After a PMU treatment, open skin can be susceptible to infection. You should guide your clients to or equip them with a cleanser that is gentle and safe. If you don’t, they could start washing the area with a scent-heavy, industrial-strength body wash made with ingredients that will only make inflammation worse.

What they use should be a gentle foaming cleanser that is appropriate for both before and after the PMU procedure. You can also use the cleanser to clean the area before starting the treatment so it is clear of oils, dead skin cells, and other debris.


An Acceptable Pain Reliever

tylenol in aftercare kit - crushed vegan aftercareNot all pain relievers are appropriate for after a PMU or tattoo. If a client needs relief, they should stick with acetaminophen like Tylenol. Other options should be avoided, as acetylsalicylic acid like Aspirin is a blood thinner, and one side effect of ibuprofen is prolonged bleeding. 



When it comes to natural healing, nothing beats arnica. The Arnica montana plant is a centuries-old remedy for reducing inflammation, soothing aching muscles, and healing small wounds. It’s best used as a topical ointment or as part of a balm, but there are oral preparations clients can also use if they prefer. Some don’t believe these to be effective because the preparations have to be diluted to a high degree before being safe.


A Healing Balm

tattoo healing balm clientsSpeaking of arnica, you’ll find it in a good healing balm. A healing balm should soothe and protect delicate areas after PMU treatments and tattoos. The best ones are made with all-natural ingredients because whatever you put on the area will be absorbed into the skin. Synthetic, chemically-derived ingredients can worsen inflammation rather than calm it down.

The Crushed Aftercare series of healing balms are specifically formulated for delicate treatment areas. This helps reduce swelling, moisturize, and decrease post-treatment pain. They also include candelilla wax, coconut oil, shea butter fruit, olive fruit oil, and aloe extract to moisturize and protect the area. Vitamin E, calendula flowers, and (yes) arnica flower all work to reduce pain and heal any trauma in the skin.

Many people can feel wary about tattoos or PMUs because they don’t know about aftercare. By making this easy for your clients, you’ll make sure they come back to your salon for future appointments!

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